Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Quotes

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Kat is a force to be reckon with when we first meet her, as she says what she thinks and doesn’t care what other people have to say. Kat is also very jealous of her younger sister Bianca, as Bianca gets all the men’s attention instead of her. Near the end Kat is listening to her husband and is not talking back anymore. Kat has been tamed by Petruchio and is now no longer a shrew. Kat was at first mean and ruthless and now she is clam and nice, which was a major change of her character from the beginning to the end of the story. In the beginning of act two we see that Kat has Bianca’s hands tied, and is refusing to untie her hands because she wants to know the name of the man she loves. Kat is doing this as she wants what her sister has which is men falling head over heels for her left and right. Kat then begins to yell at her sister, that’s when their father comes in and tells Kat…show more content…
We see that Kat has started to cry as she thinks the one man that is willing to marry her is not going through with it. This is a side of Kat that we haven’t seen until now and it is a surprising emotion at that. When Petruchio arrives dressed in clothing not suited for the wedding we actually see Kat begging him to change the clothes that he is wearing and put on a nice outfit for the wedding. Kat is totally embarrassed in this scene and that’s what Petruchio was trying to do. When Petruchio and Kat get to his house he starts to starve her and keep her form sleeping. The next morning Kat is begging for food and does not get it as she is not yet tamed. When they are on their way back to Baptista’s house Kat starts to agree with Petruchio and stops fighting him. When the men make a bet on whose wife will come first when they are called it is Kat that is the first to arrive, and Petruchio wins the bet. When Petruchio tells Kat to take off her hat and throw it on the ground and stomp on it she
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