Romeo And Juliet Act 4 Scene 5 Analysis

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Juliet 's apparent death reveals the reactions and true emotions that her parents, The nurse and Paris felt towards her. Act 4 scene 5 starts with a humorous and eager tone but suddenly switches to a more sorrowful and sad tone as soon as the nurse discovers Juliet’s pale dead body.They were shocked and upset because it meant to be juliet 's wedding night. Their attitude and reaction shows us the importance of Juliet in their lives.Their relationships with Juliet in the past have an impact on the way they reacted.

The Nurse appeared to be the most affected because she raised juliet since she was a baby. The Nurse lost her own daughter so juliet was valuable to her. She felt heartbroken and and miserable. She said, “Most lamentable day, …show more content…

Lord capulet and Juliet had a unpleasant and unhealthy father daughter relationship. The story starts off with Lord Capulet as a good father however that is incorrect. He had a threatening argument with Juliet before she died. He threatened that if she did not marry Paris she will be thrown to starve in the streets. His stubbornness and selfishness overcomes the love he has towards Juliet. His reaction was full of sadness and disappointment because she was his only child. It seemed that he had hope in her for future benefits and felt mostly sad about the wedding than her death.He said “Uncomfortable time, why camest thou now To murder, murder our solemnity?”. This refers to him saying that why couldnt death come another time instead of her wedding day so that he could be happy. He also said, “All things that we ordained festival Turn from their office to black funeral.Our instruments to melancholy bells,Our wedding cheer to a sad burial feast.” This clearly states that he is only worried about the wedding preparations and mentions the wedding several times which shows his attention is more on the wedding than it is on her death. Paris was the least affected about Juliet. His relationship with Juliet was forced upon her and he knew it. However he did not truly love her and only wanted her for the family fortune and the reputation. He says,Have I thought long to see this morning’s face,And doth it give me such a sight as this?. He is annoyed at the fact that he waited all

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