Friar Lawrence's Advice In Romeo And Juliet

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In the play ROMEO AND JULIET, written by Shakespeare, both Romeo and Juliet seek counsel from Friar Lawrence. Whenever either of them had a problem they went to the Friar for help. He would give them advice on what to do and try to help them as much as possible. He even marries the two. The advice and help he gives them not only affects their decisions, but also the outcome of the play itself.

The first one to seek out Friar Lawrence 's advice is Romeo. Romeo confesses that he was talking with Juliet and that they had fallen in love. He was also hoping to receive Friar Lawrence 's consent to marry Juliet and himself. Friar Lawrence agrees to do so because he believes that their love may turn the two families hatred for each other into love. He says that " 'For this alliance so happy prove/ To turn your households ' rancor to pure love '".

After Romeo kills Tybalt he is sentenced to banishment. He knows Juliet is hurting from this and threatens to hurt himself, to which Friar Lawrence tells him to stop and be rational. Had he let Romeo go on, the story could have ended right then. Friar Lawrence tells him to see Juliet one more time but to leave before the watchmen come out or to disguise himself to get away. He tells him to go to Mantua and that he will find Romeo 's
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He married them thinking it would stop the fighting between two households, and it did, but the young pair had to die in the process of making it so. His helping moved the story along and also kept Romeo and Juliet from killing themselves early on in the story. By advising them he advanced the plot and told them what they should do to be with each other, and to keep Juliet from being married to two men at once. Romeo 's rash decision on killing himself threw all of the Friar 's help down the drain. The result of Friar Lawrence 's council still ended with Romeo and Juliet 's untimely
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