Romeo And Juliet Analysis

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“Everytime I see you I fall in love all over again” (Johnny Cash), this was too true for these star-crossed lovers. Juliet was just fourteen when she married Romeo but it was common to marry young back then. Also, Romeo and Juliet acted very immature at times so they may not even know what love is. In Shakespeare 's tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, they love each other because of three main reasons, they decided to kill themselves to each other, Loved each other to the point where it cured depression and brought happiness, and they are willing to go against the family for each other.

In Romeo and Juliet it is obvious they loved each other due to = many reasons. First of all, they decided to kill themselves for each other because they longed so much for each other. THis is demonstrated when Romeo says,”Here 's to my love!¨ (5.3.119) he then proceeds to drink. This means that right before he drank, he wished his last words to his love Juliet. Before he had found Juliet dead unknowing of the trick the friar pulled. He killed himself by poison just so he could be with Juliet in heaven. Juliet proceeds in saying, “ a cup closed in my true love’s hand? To make me die with a restorative. Thy lips warm” (5.3.166-172). This means that in Juliet’s last moments she wanted to die with her final act being a kiss on Romeos lips. This quote, showing us Juliet has discovered Romeo is dead after killing himself for her and instantly is flooded with grief and turns to killing herself to join
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