The Heart Wants What It Wants Quote Analysis

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“The Heart wants what it wants". This quote was written by Woody Allen, the quote can relate to the situation between Romeo and Juliet. Romeo and Juliet were teenagers that had fallen in love with each other, but the only thing they had to worry about is their families didn’t get along. Juliet was supposed to get married in Paris, but Romeo saw Juliet at the Capulet Party and they both instantly fell in love. But If Romeo and Juliet never met so many things would have happened differently. Romeo is to blame for the deaths of him and Juliet, Getting exiled from the town, and Juliet and Paris aren 't getting married. Romeo came into the picture and ruined the plans that Juliet’s family had set out for her. Since Romeo came to the Capulet’s party he and Juliet laid eyes on each other and instantly fell in love. This messed everything up because that is where Juliet and Paris were supposed to meet. When Romeo meets Juliet, he stated “ Have not saints lips and palmers” Shakespeare (1.5,100).
When Romeo and Juliet first met they instantly fell in love with each other, so they
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If Romeo never went to the Capulet’s party and met Juliet so many things would’ve gone differently. He and Juliet would still be alive, Juliet would’ve married Paris, and Romeo wouldn’t have gotten banished. Romeo should’ve stayed in his place as a Montague and don 't go to the capulet’s party because after going to the party everything went downhill after . Their lives would be so different if they never met even though some good things did come out of that relationship,it would’ve been better if they met. They would still be alive to this day. Even though the heart wants what it wants sometimes it doesn’t really have a positive outcome. But at the same time if Romeo and Juliet never laid their eyes on each other Romeo would most likely be at home still stressed out about
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