Romeo And Juliet And Hunger Games Literary Analysis

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Now see how Hunger Games are very unalike in seeing the whole meaning of love, relationship, and status. Hunger Games shows how staying alive and surviving are the main factor of the novel. Other than that it shows the way young lives are exploited in a life-or-death reality show that gratifies the voyeurism of the indulgent residents of the Capitol. There is a way of thinking that love and violence and survival are commodified for the viewers who watch the games. It is only for amusement that pleases the people, in a way this shows how young people in that particular setting could not even feel a normal experience where they would have feel love, anger, and bittersweet things. Katniss shows this by neglecting the whole meaning of falling in…show more content…
For Romeo and Juliet it depends how a certain individual’s point of view on the story itself. If for certain that Romeo and Juliet’s action was wrong it could be that people should not believe in young love, love is complicated and there would be an impulsive behavior when young people are in love. Whereas in the Hunger Games it is all about survival and how love withstand obstacles, in this case Katniss manipulates love to gain her survival and its very important to see that true love does not really impacted the story line of Hunger Games. Romeo and Juliet speaks to the audience as this cautionary tale in which young love are not well nurtured or even matured yet, and it will lead to a devastating ending. However, seeing it in a different perspective young love has its tenacity to withstand everything and the immense believe that both couple had to face the problem was very rich. In Shakespeare’s play love is what drives Romeo and Juliet to be happy and content. Seeing the outcome it is indeed a tragedy to see both lovers died by committing suicide. In real life it may happen and that love could out gun ones reasonable mindset. People could be crazy when they are in love, people tend to take actions that are unreasonable to which it could harm them both physically and mentally. Whereas in the hunger games it is quite similar but in this case love could be the solution for facing problems or obstacles. Referring back to the research question, to what extent does Suzanne Collins’s Hunger Games draw inspiration to Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet? Well to some extent because Collins did not literally showed that Hunger Games is the same with Romeo & Juliet. However, the moral and its meaning are very alike when both explains about love and relationships and how Romeo & Juliet was set in a dysfunctional system and the Hunger Games was in a dystopian

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