Romeo And Juliet And Lady Capulet Analysis

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What qualities do you think of when a person asks you about your parents? You would usually imagine your parents as a foundation that helps guide your decisions. But when it comes to the Capulets, it happens to be the exact opposite. In William Shakespeare’s tragedy Romeo and Juliet, the Capulets are most to blame for the deaths in the play because they were inconsiderate of Juliet’s concerns and had selfish motives for their decisions. Lady Capulet fails to acknowledge Juliet’s perception on being married. Lady Capulet and nurse were trying to persuade Juliet into thinking about marrying Paris. Even though Juliet said she wasn’t ready to get married, Nurse and Lady Capulet would not break until she finally agreed to talk to him (Shakespeare 1.3.93-101). Lady Capulet failed to take Juliet’s decisions into consideration. The two adults kept emphasizing that he was wealthy and people will be jealous of their relationship. Lady Capulet neglected to care that Juliet wanted true love, instead of money. Another example is when Juliet decalred to her mother, “That I must wed, tell my lord father, madam I will not marry yet. And when I do, I shall marry Romeo, whom you know I hate, rather than Paris” (Shakespeare 3.5.118-124). When Juliet said this, she was obviously weary of the fact that the Capulet’s didn’t think of her as a…show more content…
They shouldn’t have been so self centered and actually considered the consequences of the decisions that they were making. The Capulets are a great example of showing that not being there for your child’s life can make them unstable. Consequently the child would soon make poor decisions which will get them into trouble. Hopefully now the Capulet’s will put other people’s opinions into
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