Romeo And Juliet And The Great Gatsby Analysis

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In both the films Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby Baz Luhrmann uses the same specific style of storytelling to ensure his audience remains captivated throughout the entire movie. Through the editing choices, lighting, camera work, music choices and actor choices he shows how his style grips the audience. Luhrmann has a definite way of telling stories. In both Romeo and Juliet and The Great Gatsby he uses a prologue to narrate the story. Both are used to provide the audience with initial information they need to understand the rest of the story. Without this prologue the audience would spend majority of the film trying to fill in the missing pieces of the story. In Romeo and Juliet the prologue is the news presenter’s presentation followed by a montage of events of the film. The news reporter talks about the feud between the Montague’s and Capulet’s, this is the most important bit of information the audience needs to…show more content…
Luhrmann choses to do this not because he is the best candidate for the job but because of the status he brings to the film. Leandro’s acting career was busy taking off during the time Romeo and Juliet was being filmed because this was directly after the big blockbuster titanic, which Leandro also starred as the main character. When Romeo and Juliet was filmed and Leonardo lacked the maturity needed to for Shakespeare. Roger Ebert in Addendum A supports this when he says, ‘‘. There is a way to speak Shakespeare so it can be understood and heard, and they have not mastered it.’’. This is the same in The Great Gatsby. Leonardo had built up a name in the film industry by the time the Great Gatsby was filmed. This is why he was Luhrmann’s choice for main character even though he did not fulfil the role. Donald J. Levit from Reel Talk Movie Reviews (December 1, 2013) agrees. He says, ‘‘Leonardo Dicaprio is wrong as Jay
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