Romeo And Juliet And Twelfth Night Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet Vs. Twelfth Night One of Shakespeare’s most famous play is Romeo and Juliet while Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night is not so well known. The play Romeo and Juliet is written better than Shakespeare’s other play, Twelfth Night. To determine which play is written better, compare and contrast the plot structure, theme, and symbolism. Romeo and Juliet has a better plot structure than Twelfth Night. In Romeo and Juliet the plot structure is straightforward and stays with the main story but in Twelfth Night there are many side stories that are not needed to tell the same main story. An example of cause and effect in Romeo and Juliet is the Montegue and Capulet families have a feud that affects the relationship between Romeo and Juliet…show more content…
Romeo found Juliet sleeping and thought she had died so he drank poison to die to be with her, later Juliet woke up to find Romeo dead so she stabbed herself with a dagger and died to be with Romeo forever. According to a critic “The love-hate principle governing human relationships is particularly apparent in the rivalry between the tragic heroes and their sworn enemies.” A cause and effects in Twelfth Night is a ship sailing in a storm that made it sink, this caused a pair of twins on board to be separated to different islands. Another cause and effect is Duke Orsino sending Cesario to send a message to Olivia, when Olivia meets Cesario she falls in love with Cesario. A major plot hole in Romeo and Juliet is the…show more content…
Poison represents death and can be seen a couple times throughout the story. Friar Lawrence was talking about poisonous plants and was the one to wed them. Letting the two marry was a bad idea that caused Juliet to take a poison that would make her sleep, later committing suicide, and Romeo take a poison that instantly killed him. Friar Lawrence is foreshadowing Romeo and Juliet’s death by letting them marry. Nighttime is another symbol in the story Romeo and Juliet. Night in Romeo and Juliet represent privacy. Romeo and Juliet would only meet each other at night where no one would be awake to see them while their family drama and fighting all occur during the day. A critic explains, “In Greek mythology, Eros, the winged god of love, was the traditional consort of Venus and was also connected with Dionysus through his unleashing of unruly instinctive forces; hence their common name Eleutherios, which means "the liberator" (Lindemans). Besides symbolizing erotic love, Eros was associated with the creative urge and therefore with light which the ancients believed gave birth to the world (Leadbetter). However, like the beautiful but predatory goddess of love, Eros had a demonic side and was almost always unpredictable so there was a good deal of ambivalence about him (Leadbetter). Thanatos (death), however, was a son of Nyx (night) and the twin brother of Hypnos (sleep) (Smith 1019-20). In early representations,

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