Romeo And Juliet Anger Analysis

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Shakespeare affirms the fact that without self-awareness, anger is used just as a destructive force that causes harm to all people. Anger brings about not only diseases and destruction of human body, but also it affects every aspect of your life with no exception. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the dynamic of anger, and as a result they get angry easily without thinking of the consequences that can completely destroy relationships, love, friendship, and happiness. Kellerman states "when the self, the subject, is attacked by the repressed anger, then this moment constitutes the instant of conception leading to the birth of subsequent symptom (Kellerman 27). In other words, anger is a repressed powerful deceptive force…show more content…
Romeo and Juliet begins with the Prologue that foreshadows the feud between the two families and tells the reader about the tragic death of Romeo and Juliet "From ancient grudge break to new mutiny, Where civil blood makes civil hands unclean" (Shakespeare12). The opening scene also confirms the fact that the feud is not only between family members, but also it involves their servants" A dog of the house of Montague moves me" (Shakespeare 14), Sampson’s language emphasizes such hatred as he intends to "thrust" the Montague maids to the wall and "cut off" their maidenheads. Sampson also describes Montague's family as dogs just to emphases that his enemy is less than a human. As we see in their speech from the beginning of the play, Sampson and Gregory express their hatred for the Montague and the feel that fighting and disgusting Romeo's family member is their duty to the Capulet. The Prologue also shows the reader how hatred, violence and bloody conflict have affected the whole of Verona. What the two families just care about are their social identity and the name of the family, so they refuse the love affair between Romeo and Juliet because they think about how the society will view them. Although Juliet falls in love with Romeo without knowing his real identity, Juliet's love for Romeo recalls her family’s hatred for the Montague name. In this sense, Juliet's love works against her because the feud could not just die
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