The Conversation Between Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Benvolio: My dear cousin, you have to get out of town! If the Prince were to find you, he would be sure to kill you. It 's not safe here anymore.
Romeo: But I can 't! I won 't! I didn 't mean to kill my cousin Tybalt. I wasn 't thinking right. I was just so upset that he killed my best friend. Maybe the Prince will hear my plea. If I leave the city gates I will be sure to be a dead man. And what about my Juliet?
Benvolio: I swear on the air that I breathe that I will find a way for the two of you to be together. I give you my word. But for right now you must trust me and stay hidden. I will find away.
Romeo: (Hugs his cousin) Don 't let me down. (Romeo runs away.)
Benvolio: Never…
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Tell me what you say isn’t true.
Nurse: I’m sorry but your cousin Tyblat is dead and it was by the hands of Romeo-
Juliet: No stop it! Lies! Why are you lying to me? He would never do anything like that.
Nurse: Look Juliet believe what you want but what I tell you is the truth. But you’re running out of time. Your parents have agreed on you marrying Prince. You must leave with
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(Romeo goes and find where Juliet is laying)

Romeo: Juliet. Oh my sweet Juliet. Why did you have to leave me? Did you not understand how much I love you? Did you not understand how much I care? Even while captured by death you still light the room with color. You still manage to take my breath away. Even though you’re dead your checks stills have a faint blush, and your lips are the color of a rose. Oh Juliet! There was so much stuff that we were spouse to do together. So many things that we haven’t seen. Oh well I guess that we could wait until our after life to do that. (Juliet slowly starts to awake)

Romeo: (Takes out a potion) With this potion I pelage my life, everything left that I have to you. For, you’re the one that my heart beat for.
Juliet: (Similes at Romeo)
Romeo: And if I can’t be with you… then there’s no point of living… (Goes to drink the potion) (With wide eyes, Juliet knocks the potion out of his hands. Romeo looks at Juliet with tears in his eyes.)
Juliet: What the heck Romeo?! Where you going to kill
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