Juliet: The Friar Started The Fire

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The Friar Started the Fire
In Verona, the feud between the Capulets and Montagues has been heated with the occasional brawls. Romeo Montague is your average teenage boy who thinks he always madly in love with some girl until the next one comes along. Now, when Romeo decides that he wants to crash a party held by the Capulet family to see his love, Rosaline, he had no idea he was gonna meet his soulmate, Juliet. She happens to be a Capulet, which creates a dilemma because they wanna be together but they can’t. Of course they secretly get married. How you may wonder? His name was Friar Laurence. He´s to be blamed for the fate of the young couple. The man who seems as if he tried his best to make the two a happy couple. He was the one who got
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Of course, Juliet threatened to kill herself, because she'd rather be dead than married to Paris and be a disloyal wife to her man, Romeo. Juliet says, ¨Be not so long to speak. I long to die. “If what thou speak’st speak not of remedy."4.1.68-69 Juliet was putting pressure on Friar to of give her a solution for the horrible situation she was in. Friar probably felt that he had to think quickly to help Juliet, so the solution he gave her was very radical and didn't even promise to work perfectly, and surely enough it didn’t. The Friar made a very ignorant decision when he decided to give a 13 year old girl a potion that was powerful enough to put her in such a deep sleep it will fooled everyone around her into thinking she was dead. Even Juliet had multiple fears before she drank the potion. She feared that she would of woken up too soon before Romeo could of gotten to her, and that she would of woken up and suffocated. She also feared seeing her dead family members, including Tybalt and that she would of went crazy from the memory of waking up in a dark tomb. All of these doubts that Juliet was having were possibilities that were likely to happen. Friar Lawrence takes a big risk and gives her the potion
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