Romeo And Juliet Chaos Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet: Peace in the Midst of Chaos Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet is one of the best known, and praised, tragedies of all time. It is a dramatic play/retelling of “The Tragicall History of Romeus and Juliet,” by Arthur Brooke. Both tell the story of a forbidden love between two feuding families. The children get married in secret; Romeo is then banished for killing a Capulet. In order to be with Juliet, he illegally re-enters Verona, finds Juliet ‘dead’ in a tomb, kills himself, and then Juliet, upon finding Romeo dead, kills herself. The age old feud is resolved through the deaths of both children. The beginning of the feud results in the emergence of this theme- the chaos exists because of the feud, the peace exists because of Romeo and Juliet’s love for each other, and their deaths bring an end to the feud. The theme of peace in the midst of chaos is not only present in Romeo and Juliet- it has historical precedence. The Montague and Capulet families were real, as was their feud. They…show more content…
One of the most prevalent themes in Romeo and Juliet is the theme of peace in the midst of chaos. The basis for this theme is that two feuding families, the Montagues and the Capulets, have children, Romeo and Juliet, who fall in love. Throughout the play, there are conflicts and disputes between the two families whenever Romeo or Juliet’s servants, friends, or family are present (this represents the chaos). However, when Romeo or Juliet are alone in a scene or together in a scene, the quarrels and petty disputes settled down and there is peace. Through these subtle clues and clever syntax, Shakespeare conveys the idea that peace exists through formulating your own opinions and experiences, not by following family precedence and holding grudges. Romeo and Juliet find this peace amidst the chaos when they agree to denounce their family names to be with each
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