Summary Of Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love story that ended in both Romeo and Juliet dying together at the capulet’s tomb house. Juliet is from the family of Capulets and Romeo is from the family of Montague 's (Shakespeare para 1). Juliet is a 13 year old daughter of Capulet and Lady Capulet and is close to her family and her nurse who helps her through everything that 's going on in her life (Shakespeare para 1). Romeo is a 16 year old son of Montague and Lady Montague and is a nice guy that doesn’t like to be in fights or starts fights, he likes to be the good guy in bad situations (Shakspeare para 1). They both want to be together because they are in love with each other but their families hate each other and both of them can’t stand being away from each other even though their families are enemies (Shakespeare para 1). Friar Lawrence is a priest and knows both Romeo and Juliet and marries them in secret (Shakespeare para 1). Juliet drinks poison because Romeo is banned from Verona, her cousin Tybalt died, and she is getting remarried so she pretends to die in order for Romeo to smuggle her out from Verona. Romeo drinks poison because he thinks she’s dead and wouldn’t want to live life without her but, rather be dead and be with her spiritually (Shakespeare para 1). Helen and Paris is a greek mythology and takes place during the Trojan War. Helen is the daughter of Zeus and Leda and was the most beautiful person in her town and a lot of men were fighting to marry her (Megas para 1). Paris is is a prince and made an arrangement with …show more content…

Both Romeo & Juliet and Paris & Helen relate to each other because both stories has rivalries in the family and both stories has the characters caring about each other and each other lives and what they would do for each other (Shakespeare Act 2

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