Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

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The most true love stories that humans read, always end in a happy endings, but in the “Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,” by the famous writer William Shakespeare and in the “Pyramus and Thisbe,” by the classic author Edith Hamilton. Both stories end in anything but a happily ever after. The lovers of these passages risk many things, and turns them to there future of death. These events that occur to the main characters lead to love, bad consequences, and no more life. The decisions made by the dramatic characters have a greater impact on the characters in these texts, leading to their death.
One reason was because the teenagers are forced by others choices. This is shown in the “Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet,” where they are raised in the greatest feud occurring in the place they live in Verona, Italy. This rivalry started in ancient time because of Montagues and Capulets. Juliet, Lady and Lord Capulet’s only daughter needs to get married based on the parents deadline. Juliet being younger than fourteen years old was unexceriend in the real world and not getting what she deserves. Paris shows up to Capulet asking for Juliet’s hand in marriage, yet Capulet believes that they think it should be Juliet’s own decision. Capulet throws a feast with the beautiful ladies that live in Verona to show Paris he really does not love Juliet. Meanwhile on the streets Romeo Montague was depressed over Rosaline, because she wants to stay a virgin and not have children. Benvolio, one of Romeo’s

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