Romeo And Juliet Character Analysis

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When naive young Romeo and Juliet meet each other and fall in love despite their families feud they become star-crossed lovers. Both lovers do everything in their power to be together. Their doomed fate induces problems and tragic endings as well as their own. Their deaths resolve the feud and teach the Capulets and Montagues a lesson. Their parents ' trivial feud kill the thing they loved the most. In William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, the conflict between their parental figures leads to the tragedies in the play.
The conflict between Juliet and her parental figures begins with Lord Capulet. Paris asks Juliet’s father for her hand in marriage. Juliet responds with “It is an honor that I dream not of” (1.3.72). When Juliet says that she never thought of marriage, she meant it a sarcastic way. “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move…” (1.3.106) Juliet says. Although Juliet doesn’t know Count Paris, she would try to be unprejudiced towards him and get to know him at the party. It 's at the party that Juliet meets Romeo and falls for him at first sight. Everything about marriage with Paris has changed. It states “If that thy bent of love be honorable, thy purpose marriage, send me word tomorrow… (2.2.157). Juliet wants to marry Romeo which means she will have to defy her parents and keep her marriage a secret. This will cause problems with her parents in the long run.
Not only do the conflicts affect the characters, but also the play. The parents have no idea
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