Romeo And Juliet: Which Mother Is The Real Mother?

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Kiko Yokota Musekamp
Zita Szigeti
Language and Literature Advanced 9
9th March 2015
Which mother is the real mother? The tragedy “Romeo & Juliet” has had so much of an influence throughout the world, which even now nearly half a millennium later people still refer to it and learn from it. Events that occurred in the play still occur to date, because so many different people fall in love with one another and this causes them to have similar family feuds. Romeo and Juliet is a tale about lovers, who are kept apart because of the family feud. Even though these two families have a feud against one another within the Capulet family there are two women, nurse and Lady Capulet. They both are mother like figures for the young Juliet. In their own
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First of all the nurse isn’t that loyal towards Lord Capulet because she isn’t married to him like Lady Capulet. “Go, you cot-quean, go, Get you to bed; faith, You 'll be sick to-morrow For this night 's watching.” (Act 4, Scene 4). This is what the nurse told Lord Capulet when he was trying to hurry everyone up in order to have everything set up for the wedding. She suggest that he is like an old housewife or else he will be sick the next day (the day of the wedding), because he stayed up all night. This shows that the nurse is brave to stand up to Lord Capulet and tell him what other maids or servants wouldn’t. Although when it comes to Lady Capulet she is loyal to Lord Capulet. Most of the time Lady Capulet will always agree to what Lord Capulet suggests. Most of the time it’s because he is the one with more power and since she’s the wife she should show that she is loyal and the she believes in her husband. “Ay, sir; but she will none, she gives you thanks. I would the fool were married to her grave!” (Act 3, Scene 5). Here Lady Capulet says that she mentioned it to Juliet about the marriage but Juliet doesn’t agree to it, and the she is grateful for the offer but declines it. Lady Capulet didn’t even bother trying to convince Juliet rather she just tells Lord Capulet that Juliet refused the offer and she would do anything to get them…show more content…
Whilst reading most of the nurse’s dialog one will notice that the nurse’s personality is a funny but still the caring type. “No less! nay, bigger; women grow by men.”(Act 1, Scene 3). When saying this quote the nurse was joking in a way because she is replying to Lady Capulet who suggest that marrying Paris won’t cause her to lose anything. Although the nurse suggests that she would get bigger, because men get women pregnant and therefore they would get bigger. When seeing Lady Capulet’s lines one will realize that they are more serious and cold compared to the nurse’s. “Marry, that 'marry ' is the very theme I came to talk of. Tell me, daughter Juliet, How stands your disposition to be married?” (Act 1, Scene 3). Even when the nurse states that she raised Juliet from a little baby and that one day she would hope to see her get married. Lady Capulet still manages to make it work for her and then she suggests that it was exactly what she wanted to discuss. She wanted to know what Juliet’s attitude was towards marriage. This shows that even when the nurse was trying to make something sound pleasing to Juliet, Lady Capulet just cared for herself and didn’t even bother thinking about what the nurse would say. She just wanted the information and most likely even with the information she would still carry out what she
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