Romeo And Juliet Feminist Analysis

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During the renaissance period, women were supposed to be seen not heard, they were expected to look beautiful at all times (Amanda Cloud, 2012). Though women were inferior to men, women in different classes had different roles. Low class women were expected to be housewives and take care of everything to do with the house. Upper class women may have had servants and workers working for them but the women were still expected to take care of the house hold (Pat Knapp / Monika von Zell, 2007). In this essay I am going to examine the significance of female characters in portraying the major themes and other social and political issues as treated in the Romeo and Juliet novel, The Lion and The Jewel, and the novel Olivia Twist.
Romeo and Juliet
Marriages during the Renaissance era were arranged by the families of the bride, women had no rights in choosing their own husbands (Encyclopaedia, 2002). Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet arranged a marriage for Juliet. In act 1 scene
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Women had roles they had to play and rules they had to follow, the Lion and the Jewel, Romeo and Juliet and the Oliver Twist novel. Women are portrayed the same in all the novels and they give rise to certain themes in the plays. In Romeo and Juliet women are referred to as the weaker sex, they are expected to please men and they are not supposed to have any rules towards men instead men were the ones who had rules to women. In the Lion and the jewel women were also expected to obey the rules laid before them by men, they were seen as the weaker sex also and they were supposed to look good for men to woo them, they had no power against men. Also in the novel Oliver twist women had no power against men, this explains that the novelists during the Renaissance era portrayed the women role in their literature to show what the women were expected to do and the things they were not expected to
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