Romeo And Juliet Compare And Contrast Essay

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Romeo&Juliet: Compare/ Contrast Paper Written by William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet is a play of two star-crossed lovers and family feuds. In Act three, scene one, Tybalt is looking for trouble and someone to fight. Romeo denies Tybalt’s demand to fight him because of his love for Juliet. However, Mercutio doesn’t cower in front of Tybalt and decides to fight. Mercutio ends up paying the ultimate price, death. Romeo is filled with vengeance and the need for revenge, so he fights Tybalt. Romeo is blinded by hate, sorrow, and anger that he kills Tybalt. Romeo’s punishment for the blood on his hands is banishment from Verona. Although they share some general similarities, the differences in the level of violence and relativity to the book are what make the 1968 movie version by Zeffirelli more effective than the 1996 Luhrmann. In Act three, scene one, of both of the movies share some similar qualities. When comparing the two movies, one can see how they are in common. One similarity in the movies is the characters. The same characters are involved in the fight scene. On the Capulet side there is Tybalt, and other Capulet men. On the Montague side, there was Romeo and Benvolio. Mercutio was neutral but, was friends with the Montagues. Another similarity there is when comparing the two…show more content…
One example of a difference between these two movie versions is the setting of the scene. In the 1968 version by Zeffirelli, the setting of the fight takes place in the Square of Verona. However, in the 1996 version by Luhrmann, the setting of the scene is at the beach. Setting and scene affects each version of the fight tremendously. Another example on how the two versions differ from one another is the weapons used. In the 1968 version, the movie stays true to the book and uses swords as weapons. However, in the 1996 version, it is a more modern twist to the story and uses
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