Romeo And Juliet Decisions Essay

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Romeo and Juliet
What are the main factors that caused their death?

Romeo and Juliet’s death could have been caused by a great many factors but due to the fact that a few of the decisions chosen in the story were heavily influenced by either one or many other decisions acted upon by the relatives or friends of the two main characters in the story, Romeo and Juliet. Fate is not included because this is based off as if it was a real life scenario (which fate doesn’t affect since it has no proof of existence).

The primary factor for their death is Romeo’s stupidity that got him banished from the city for killing Tybalt in the first place, however much deserved his death was. Romeo could have instead left the law to capture and punish Tybalt
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If the two houses weren’t constantly in a power struggle Tybalt would have never hated the Montagues as he did and Mercutio would have never died due to the fact that Tybalt would have never visited and attacked Romeo because he came to the party. Capulet would have also found Romeo as a potential suitor for Juliet and therefor Juliet would have never had qualms with her parents as nobody would have been either dead or at war with each other. This even led to lady Montague’s death.
Fourthly, Mercutio was a major cause of death that was heavily influenced by the hatred between the families so much that he got killed by Tybalt when he was trying to protect Romeo from fighting Tybalt when Romeo refused to fight him. Romeo himself though was the major cause for Mercutio’s death when he tried to stop him from killing Tybalt, which Tybalt took advantage of and killed Mercutio instead, “I am hurt. A plague a ’both houses! I am sped. Is he gone and hath nothing?” “O Romeo, Romeo, brave Mercutio is dead.” Therefor Romeo set off to kill Tybalt, which led
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