Romeo And Juliet Double Suicide

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When there is a teen suicide in any community or town there are two questions that immediatly come into people minds. One is why, but the second one is just as important and that is who. Who let them do this? Who influenced them into this? In the play Romeo and Juliet the person to blame for these deaths is Romeo. One of the reasons Romeo is to blame for this double suicide is becuase he cant control his emotions. If he had controlled his emotions he would’nt have killed himself. He would’nt have killed himself becuase he would’ve just accepted it. Yes he would be depressed like most people would when the love of thier life dies, but If he had control of his emotions Juliet would have just woken up and everything would be just fine. But…show more content…
Some other people would say that Friar Lawrence is the reson for the double suicide. All these reasons are wrong. First fate is wrong becuase Romeo and Juliet can not be influenced by fate. There is no possible way fate can make up their mind for them. Romeo and Juliet make up their mind on thier own. Secondly just because his parents have bad communication with him doesnt mean anything. All it means is that they have bad communication with romeo; it doesnt mean that they are allowing him to marry Juliet, it doesnt mean that they knew or did not know he was going to Juliets tomb. lets say that their communication was perfect; he would have married Juliet anyway, Juliet would have taken the potion, Romeo would have went to her tomb. the communication with and between Romeo’s parents has nothing to do with the double suicide. Friar lawrence is a different story. yes he was being irrespponsible when he gave Juliet the potion; yes he was being irresponsible when he left the tomb. But, Romeo still would have killed himself because he cant control his emotions; he would have still killed himself because like i said earlier Romeo can’t live a life without
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