Romeo And Juliet Dueling Essay

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You are watching a The 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet. You then ask yourself, is this what the dueling was really like back then? Not exactly believe it not back then they actually had rules for sword fighting and dueling! They had some rules like the challenger got to pick the location which you could not be arrested, and the person being challenged got to pick the weapon. To start a duel they would throw a gove at the challenger. In the 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet the sword fighting and dueling is not accurate to the reality of dueling standards because of these reasons.

One example of this is when Romeo kills Tybalt. In this scene Romeo and Tybalt are fighting and they are using the same weapons. But Tybalt, being known for his sword fighting reputation, uses it to his advantage and flings one of Romeo 's swords. Romeo, then, flees away into the village square and falls down it became a fist fight. Once they
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In this scene Tybalt and Mercutio are fighting in the street and Mercutio is protecting Romeo. One of the reasons why Mercutio dies is because Romeo is trying to break up the fight, this is breaking the real dueling standard. This breaks the rules it because a duel is when two people are fighting because they are in a disagreement. In the dueling rules it says that you are not allowed to have a third person in. If Romeo did not get in the way Mercurio could have gotten gotten away safely from the batte.

Dueling in the 1968 version of shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet is not accurate to real standards of dueling. This is proven by the movie sword fights are not accurate to the and do not follow the rules of real dueling in the 1500’s. It affects the outcome because they did not follow the rules and could have chosen not to fight to the death and too first blood or till another person could not deul any more. This is why some of the charyers should have
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