Romeo And Juliet False Love Quotes

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Fake Love
There is a difference between love and infatuation. In the Play Romeo and Juliet, Romeo claims Juliet is the woman he is helplessly in love with and is destined to be with. Although he may think that he loves her, his desire is captivated by her looks. Throughout the play, it becomes more obvious through Romeo's words, history, and knowledge that he does not know the loyalty of love.

“Young men’s love then lies not truly in their hearts, but in their eyes” (Act 2, Scene 3, Lines 67-68) The quote provided by Friar Lawrence suggests that Romeo does not encounter actual feelings for Juliet, he is seduced by her looks. The Friar is Romeo's confessor, therefore he knows Romeo better than Romeo knows himself. Due to this, Friar Lawrence can identify Romeos previous encounterments
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Without a doubt, Romeo was obsessed with this idea of love, he is always claiming to be in love with a woman, yet he does not know the sweet tenderness of love nor has he experienced the genuine feeling. Romeo believes that he, himself knows love and has experienced it on more than one occasion. Due to the fact that Romeo moved on from Rosaline to Juliet shows that he is not capable of allegiance to a woman. “You are a lover. Borrow Cupid’s wings and soar with them above a common bound” (Act 1, Scenes 4, Lines 17-18) When Mercutio says this, it shows that even Romeo's friends know that Romeo often insists he love’s in multiple cases. In act 1 there is substantial evidence that Romeo is obsessive and therefore not serious about love or faithfulness.

As the play escalates it becomes more obvious that Romeo's feelings for Juliet are not real. “Women may fall when there is no strength in men” (Act 2, Scene 3, Line 75-81) Throughout the play there are multiple cases of circumstantial evidence that provides with the conclusion that in many cases, Romeo gave the impression that only cares about looks. Why would this change
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