Romeo And Juliet Fate And Love Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet: Fate and Love
Julian Fellowes and Carlo Carlei's film adaptation of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet (2013) depicts the tragic nature of "star-cross'd lovers" (Prologue.6). This is evident through the contrasting scenes of tragedy and romance interspersed throughout the trailer. For instance, Romeo and Juliet's first meeting at the Capulet's masquerade (0.19-0.25) evokes sentiments of doom from the beginning of their love as this is continuously juxtaposed with the play's grim ending (0.04-0.14) and the family feud between the Capulets and Montagues (0.25-0.35). This looming sense of an inescapable fate for the lovers is further reinforced by the scene when Romeo finds Juliet on her deathbed, seemingly dead (1.56). It is a
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This seemingly romantic scene is also greatly undermined by the somberness of the voiceover in the beginning of the trailer that echoes the last line of Shakespeare's play, "Never was a story a more woe than this, a Juliet and her Romeo" (0.04-0.14). In addition to the voiceover, the sound effect of church bells ringing heightens the sense of ominous foreshadowing of their tragic deaths. The grim voiceover juxtaposes Romeo's declaration of his love for Juliet, "What lady is that, forswear the sight. I never knew true beauty 'til this night" (0.19-0.25). This establishes a doubtless connection between Romeo and Juliet's grim fate and romance right from the very beginning. In addition, the romantic and passionate scenes shared by the lovers are constantly being interrupted by the feuding scenes between their families as a form of reminder that their love is not meant to be. Hence, the mix in chronological order of events in the trailer serves to amplify Romeo and Juliet's tragic romance from the trailer's beginning to end by weaving romantic scenes with violent and tragic
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