Romeo And Juliet Adaptation Analysis

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An Acculturated Film Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet Table of Contents 1. Author’s Idea about this Film Adaptation 3 2. Settings 3 3. Brief Introduction of the Two Families 3 4. Main Characters and Their Personalities 4 5. Film Synopsis 5 6. Opening Sequence 5 7. Narrative Plot Structure: 5 Acts 6 7.1. Act 1 6 7.2. Act 2 7 7.3. Act 3 7 7.4. Act 4 8 7.5. Act 5 9 8. Ending Sequence 9 1. Author’s Idea about this Film Adaptation People fall in love with no reason, but others can always find reasons to get lovers separated. In my view, language is not a barrier for lovers. The Tower of Babel mentioned in our class said that the Lord confused people’s language and scattered them abroad, so that they could give up building…show more content…
Act 1 Edmund happens to see the arrogant Chinese gang outside on the street, which easily irritates him. He wants to have some fun rather than stay at the store, feeling lonely and bored. Therefore, he comes out and swears at the Chinese with some bad English words. One member of the gang wants to fight with him since they all feel they are insulted through Edmund’s face. But Pingyuan Lu stops him because he does not want to make any trouble by fighting with foreigners. Then they just walk away. Pingyao Lu passes by The Smith’s Jewelry Store, and is attracted by an elegant necklace in the display window. Arlen notices her and thinks she is charming when staring at the necklace designed by him. He wraps the necklace up and walks out to give it to Pingyao. This blue-eyed boy with a friendly smile surprises Pingyao. Though she knows she should not accept a stranger’s gift like this, either the attraction of the necklace or her good impression of him makes it hard to refuse. Therefore, Pingyao takes that necklace and gives Arlen some RMB; while Arlen refuses and comes back to the store with a shy…show more content…
Smith finds out that necklace is missing, and Edmund immediately assumes one of the Chinese gang stole it. Though knowing he is wrong, Arlen says nothing about it. 7.2. Act 2 Arlen draws a portrait of the Chinese girl he met that day, and finds her home address by asking some Chinese people to recognize her. Pingyao tells her sister Pingan Lu about the necklace and that good-looking boy when chatting on the balcony. They happen to see Arlen standing downstairs outside their house. Pingyao is so surprised and runs out. Arlen gives Pingyao her portrait, which has a time, a place and two stick figures meeting’s scene on it. The next day they meet in a restaurant, and spend a day together. Arlen then shows Pingyao his secret “painting studio” and they communicate through painting. 7.3. Act 3 Edmund thinks he should teach that thief a lesson when he meets the Chinese gang again. He picks a fight in a lane. As a result, one of Pingyuan’s friends kills Edmund
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