Romeo And Juliet Film Analysis

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As a product for the intertextuality assignment for the play, Romeo and Juliet, I decided to make a film parody of the play, in the theme of Star Wars, with my group consisting of Anda, Teo and myself. In addition, my group and I also wrote our own version of the play 's script for the key scenes, however we still used some fundamental quotes from the original, Romeo and Juliet play.

The film reenacts the main, and most important scenes of Romeo and Juliet, but includes obvious Star Wars traits in the clips, and throughout the editing such as: using the common weapons, briefly following the dress code, and applying key quotes from Star Wars to the script, and to the lines of the acting in the film as well, obviously. We did this in order to keep the film reasonably similar to the actual script, and for the plot to remain similar. I have chosen to make a parody film with my group because it 's a fun option to creating a unique product and sharing it with others. I also have a general interest in filmmaking, including the filming, editing, and acting/speaking as well. Editing a full length video of 12 minutes with a plot and acting improved my editing skills, and I learned more about camera angles, lighting effects, sound effects, dialogue and the impact on the mood, setting, and atmosphere of each scene. This all helped in put context and set a theme to the film as a whole. With the co-operation of some other members, we shared ideas, and work as a team applying our

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