Romeo And Juliet Foolish

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Were Romeo and Juliet Ever in love, or were they just teens who were foolish? Romeo and Juliet are the most popular “Star crossed Lovers” today, but were they ever in love or were they just foolish or were they just looking for an excuse to get away from their family. Some people may think they are really in love, but were they? Romeo and Juliet were in fact in love, because Romeo and Juliet would do anything for each one another, literally everything. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo would sneak out to see Juliet. Juliet would also hide Romeo, and that would be dangerous because if the guards saw him, he would be done for or maybe just kicked out. Also The Friar Lawrence even married them in secret ( act 2 scene 2 ). And even in the Prologue it says “A pair of Star crossed lover give their life today”, which from right their we already knew Romeo and Juliet were in love. Juliet and the Friar even made a plan, because Juliet 's father ( Mr.Capulet ) moved the wedding day for her to marry Paris closer so Juliet had to fake her death. The whole plan was for The Friar to give Juliet a plant to basically put her into a very deep sleep and slow her heart down so it was as if she was dead. Then The Friar would notify Romeo so he doesn 't think that Juliet is really dead. He would then give the letter to The Friar John, who was supposed to give it to Romeo. That didn 't work so much because Romeo ends up getting poison from someone and drinks it and dies, then Juliet wakes up and she
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