Romeo And Juliet Free Will Quotes

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Romeo showed an act of free will by choosing to fight Tybalt. Romeo walked into a fight ending up killing Tybalt. He was mad at Juliet making him soft and gentle. Romeo says, “O sweet Juliet you've made me effeminate and in my temper softened valour's steel.”(III, iii. 428). Romeo shows free will by choosing a pacific apothecary to get poison from. Romeo said, “ And this same needy man must sell it to me.”(V, v, 469). Romeo used free will to want to buy poison. He says, “A dram of poison, such soon speeding gear.”(V, v, 469). The last thing romeo did to show free will was him deciding to drink poison and die to be with juliet. These were his last words, “ here's to my love! [drinks] O true appocathery your drug is quick. Thus with a kiss
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