Romeo And Juliet Freedom Analysis

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Today we are given a privilege to make our own choices. Whether it is as simple as choosing what you want to wear, or what career you would like to pursue. Every day we make these decisions unconsciously. If one day, this privilege is taken away from us, we would not know what to do and how to act upon it. It is essentially a privilege that every person in this world desires. In America and the majority of this world, if we didn 't have the option to choose our limitations and restrictions, this world would not be shaped like how it is today. We have finally come to a day where people have freedom and rights, whether it may be a beneficial or detrimental depending on one’s perspective, all actions done are reflected upon us and not anyone else.…show more content…
As readers, we may not know the whole reason behind this occurrence, but Shakespeare. Readers can agree that Juliet’s parents had given her the consent to do what she wants unintentionally. Having too much freedom and free will at Juliet’s age can be beneficial, as well as disadvantages. Free will definitely do have consequences along the way like Juliet experiences. Just like Juliet, people don’t notice the freedom they have until something righteous or miserable has occurred. One choice can be detrimental to one’s life. Nevertheless, it is hard to conceptualize the whole concept of free will, due to different perspectives and opinions. Despite the fact that free will may be inconclusive and controversial to readers, every effect has its cause and it can guide you into a position you never contemplated being…show more content…
Prior to this, free will is such a debatable topic of why one problem is deemed to happen. An illustration, William Shakespeare demonstrates is when Romeo and Juliet decide to marry each other, within the first couple of days they meet, “she leaves me so satisfied? Th’ exchange of thy love’s faithful vow for mine” (2.2.132). Knowing that they are from rivalry families, we as readers don 't know the consequences they will later undergo. Although, Shakespeare immediately spoils his readers that, “A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life; Whose misadventured piteous overthrows Doth their death bury their parents strife” (7). Due to this, we are promptly informed that deaths will occur. Do the characters have the capability to do what they wish, or simply bounds to play a part in death and desolation? As readers, we simply learn from the characters mistakes and truly take it in as if we were in the character’s shoes and “their course of love, the tidings of their death” (5.3.297). Before long, the Prince finally realizes how much it takes to have love and peace. Romeo and Juliet take their sweat, tears, fights, and even death till the end. Not to mention, readers may question if Romeo and Juliet have an option to avoid this, but because of free will they have, the path they take leads them to an unsuspecting occurrence. Furthermore, before the marriage, Friar Lawrence clearly advises Romeo that it is dangerous to fall in love so quickly, but Romeo is so eager to just have
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