Romeo And Juliet Friendship Essay

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Baltasar Gracian, a Spanish philosopher and representative writer of Spanish literary Conceptism, once said something. Gracian states that friendship is crucial for everyone’s happiness, making life better in favorable times, and supporting people in rough times. Friendship is a marvelous relationship that can last for a long time and bring a great deal of happiness. In William Shakespeare’s play, The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet, the protagonists Romeo and Juliet fall in love, yet they face great tragedies when trying to be together. Various forms of love help drive the story, such as romantic love, family love, and love for friends. Although different types of love drive stories, the love in friendship acts as the most important love because…show more content…
To be honest, I tell my friends everything, much more than I would tell my family, and they accept me and tell me everything that goes on with them in return. A special love and trust exists between friends that does not occur in families, as people have the opportunity to choose friends and build a relationship, but are forced to associate with the family that they are given at birth. For example, when I was younger, I had a crush on a guy, however, I knew he did not like me back. I could not tell my family, as they would just tease me, so I told my friends, and they helped me become friends with him. Instead of my friends telling him about the crush and embarrassing me and losing my trust, my friends kept it between us, and that strengthened our friendship. This further demonstrates the importance of friendship for people, that people can tell their friends everything that they would not tell their families. Regardless of the situation, friends help with anything, so when I was under loads of stress with projects, my friends helped me organize a schedule to finish everything properly and on time. My friends did not lecture me, like I knew my family would, rather, they helped me with time management, something I have always struggled with, and with their assistance I have improved my time management. The action to help me establishes that friendship is important, because my friends helped me a lot when I had no one else to turn
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