Romeo And Juliet Hateful Quotes

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If you were challenged to a duel by you cousin what would you do? Well Romeo felt this when Tybalt Romeo’s new hateful, bold, and demanding cousin challenged him to a duel. Tybalt Juliet's cousin from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet is all and more of these words used to describe him. And Tybalt is a hateful, bold, and demanding character that love nothing more than to see Romeo killed. Tybalt is an insanely hateful character especially towards Romeo and his household. “Turn thee, Benvolio! Look upon thy death”. (1.1.60) This statement uttered by Tybalt is a threat to benvolio one of Romeo’s best and most trusted friends in Verona. And when you threaten someone's best friend you are hateful of them and all associates of this person. “as I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee.” (1.1.64) Tybalt…show more content…
Tybalt says “To strike him dead I hold it not a sin.” (1.5.57) to one of his friends or a servant. To say that you would not consider it a sin to kill a man in this time is a very bold statement because murder is one of the worst sins a catholic or christian can make. And while at his uncle's party he attempts to order his uncle to remove Romeo. “Why, uncle, tis a shame.” (1.5.80) Any man or child would not wish to undermine his or her elders authority especially when at their house so for Tybalt to say this is a very bold statement of his character.
Not only is he hateful and bold but Tybalt is also very demanding to the people around him. He orders his servant to fetch his sword and in the olden days people were very mean and demanding of their servants. He also orders his uncle to get rid of Romeo at his uncles party. To order your uncle or elders you must be a very demanding and spoiled brat/person.
In conclusion, Tybalt is a demanding, hateful and bold character. So what would you do if Tybalt challenged you in a duel? Romeo experienced all of these traits and more when Tybalt challenged him in Romeo and
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