Romeo And Juliet High Society

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The High Anxieties of a High Society
When the set of rules placedin a society begins to seep into the private affairs of an individual, they instinctively begin to make choices that best submit to these expectations, rather than what is practical for them. Italy in the 14th century had a drastic culture with a constraining set of rules where it is not only socially acceptable, but dictated for one to kill someone to defend their honor, marry and have children a young age, and where the only loyalty found in families is obedience. The Most Excellent and Lamentable Tragedy of Romeo and Julietis a drama by William Shakespeare that tells the tale of two young loverscaught amidst a family feud that keeps them apart, causing their forbidden relationship
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They argue that it isRomeowho willingly drinks the poison and Juliet whoends her own life with a dagger. Because the lovers suffer from the tragic flaw of haste, they struggle towards an unlikely goal, and make choices that cause the events to quickly escalate.}However, regardless of the fact that Romeo and Juliet made decisions of their own free will, it isthe manipulating culture of Verona in the 14th century that is the most to blame for their deaths.[The pressures of society, especially those of high social standing, cause a person to act instinctively in a certain way, and lose their individuality as they are reduced to their status and family name. While this may be true, Romeo and Juliet struggle to break away from those mainstream ideals, thoughtheir youthfulness and immaturity makes them more susceptible to other influences.] The influences of society cause the young lovers to end their own lives by forcing…show more content…
From a young age, both individuals are cultivated into acting a certain way to fit their status in both society and their families. Romeo is taught to be masculine and noble in order to become a respected member of society and Juliet is instructed to be docile and dutiful so she can easily be married off. When the lovers try to go against those beliefs, they are immediately shaken down by the recoil of those around them who are still influenced by those beliefs. Romeo loses a friend when he tries to refuse to duel with Tybalt, which also leads to him being banished to Mantua by the Prince. Juliet tries question the need for her sudden marriage to Paris, and she is immediately abandoned by her family, including the Nurse for being disloyal. Some assertthat Romeo and Juliet are to blame for their own deaths since they were the ones who made the decision to end their own lives. They argue that the young lovers should not have been so hasteful while trying to solve the problems in their relationship.}[Nonetheless, the reasons for their haste should not be overlooked, specifically the pressures that come from not conforming to the basic rules of society. Consequently, because they are constantly forced to act a certain way, Romeo and Juliet make quick and rash decisions based purely on instinct.]
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