Romeo And Juliet Impulsive Choices

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Every day, people are faced with tough situations in life and decisions made are not always as carefully thought out as they should be. It could be as simple as cheating on a diet or lying to mom to avoid trouble but no matter what, impulsive choices with bad endings are being made everywhere. William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet shows how many quick and not thought out choices can pile up and lead to an unhappy ending for everyone involved. It is the ultimate impulsive choice when a young man meets a young girl of a rival family at a ball in Verona, Italy and they get married and die less than a week later. Some people may say that Friar Lawrence’s or Juliet’s bad behavior leads to the deaths in the play, but Shakespeare clearly…show more content…
A good first example of this is when Romeo first sees Juliet. It is made clear how recklessly impulsive his personality is from how he automatically falls in love with her at first sight, though he just got his heart broken by someone else. Romeo sees Juliet at a ball and is amazed by her beauty. For Romeo, laying eyes upon Juliet at the Capulet’s ball is love at first sight. He proclaims his interest in her by stating, “O, she doth teaches to burn bright! / It seems she hangs upon the cheek of night. / As a rich jewel in Ethiop’s ear / beauty too rich for earth to dear” (1.5 51-54). Romeo shows how impulsive he can really be, for he was depressed that morning and now all of a sudden he is in love again. Along with that, Romeo finds himself talking to Juliet that same night, during the very familiar balcony scene. It has only been a few hours after the ball that same day, and marriage is already being discussed between the two young people. He seems to propose to Juliet when he proclaims “Th’ exchange of thy loves faithful vow for mine” (2.2 134). There is no situation where getting married to someone after one day of knowing them is wise or will go without complications, and Romeo’s feelings and behavior leads him right down that destructive path. He is setting himself up for an ultimate downfall by not thinking of the consequences to the actions he is
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