Romeo And Juliet Impulsive Decision Analysis

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During the famous play Romeo & Juliet Shakespeare uses emotions to establish Characters intentions, and more specifically he uses the expressions of grief and anger. Which he uses to demonstrate a higher emotional degree of impulsive decisions. By establishing decisions based on emotions such as grief and anger, can lead to unthoughtful and poor decisions; this is the case with Romeo’s fury and rage which leads to conflict with Tybalt. Along with his overwhelming grief of Juliet's death which conclusively leads him to kill himself by his own hands. A personal example of a hasty decision in my life would be decisions based out of acrimony and how the outcomes of my actions were poor and unthoughtful. By establishing decisions based on emotions…show more content…
This is shown when Romeo uprises and ends tybalt's life. “Benvolio:The citizens are up, and Tybalt slain.Stand not amazed. The Prince will doom thee death If thou art taken. Hence, be gone, away”! (Act 3 Sc1 Pg 7) In this act Romeo is exiled and if caught he is sentenced to death. With Rome being banished Juliet falls into a depression like state where she would rather kill herself than be separated from Romeo (Romeo having the same feelings). Thus leading her to drink the vile to fake her death. Romeo who believes she is dead decides to take his own life. The decision of Romeo and Juliet reflect much the same as me and my sister. My younger sister asked for my opinion on her art, and being in an upset mood at the time. I told her its was horrible, which lead her to throw it out and believe that she cannot not draw. Leaving me with guilt and disgust of how i made her believe her amazing art was horrible. Together these facts validate that impulsive decision can lead to the harm of others and themselves.

During the famous play Romeo and Juliet Shakespeare established the idea that using decisions based on emotions such as grief and anger, can lead to unthoughtful and poor decisions. Like how Romeo decision to kill tybalt overall lead to his and Juliet's death. If Romeo were to stand back and look at the bigger picture Romeo and Juliet could be together without any
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