Friar Lawrence To Blame For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet

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Is death worth proving love? In the play Romeo and Juliet, written by William Shakespeare, all Romeo and Juliet do is try to prove their love to each other. A family feud between the Capulets and the Montagues continues to trail on, making Romeo and Juliet’s love forbidden, until death ends it all. Many are at fault such as: Juliet’s nurse that acts the messenger between the two teens, or Balthazar who goes behind Lord Montague’s back to keep the secret of Romeo and Juliet’s marriage. Nonetheless one person is at most to blame and his name is Friar Lawrence.
Marrying Romeo and Juliet so quickly without thinking is one reason Friar Lawrence is to blame for the death of Romeo and Juliet. Romeo beseeches Friar Lawrence to marry him and Juliet
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