Romeo And Juliet Light Vs Dark Analysis

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All the acts in the play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by Williams Shakespeare had different motifs. However, the motif I choose to write about in this essay is light versus dark. The reason I choose this motif is because the whole play shows imagery of light and dark of Romeo and Juliet in the play. An example of light versus dark is lighting a candle in pitch dark. In the play, Romeo and Juliet all show love and goodness of light versus dark.
In this play, light versus dark is the most motifs often repeated in Romeo and Juliet because it involves light versus dark throughout the whole play. Romeo compares Juliet to light in the entire play. The light versus dark in the play deals with marriage, thumb biting, poison, death, sunlight, nighttime, sex, and last but not least plants. Light is presents as darkness is to hope, love, and purity. Darkness is the symbol of evil, death and fear. Light in this play refers to happiness, future, and true love.
To begin with, the very first motif of light verse dark happen in act I “Madam, an hour before the worships sun peered forth the golden window of the east, a troubled mind drove me to
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And pay no worship to the garish sun" (3.2.22-25). Rome is compared with light in the dark. If Juliet dies from the poison she would want Romeo cut into stars and be the face of her heaven in her eyes. This means light shines the brightest in the dark, just like the stars lighting up during nighttime. It’s not really dark, because the stark make it bright like little lights. The stars glow like Torches and light poles, with out the son, so its considered light. Romeo didn’t’ know that Juliet wasn’t really dead. He never got the Friar message about the plan, so he went rushing to Verona not knowing. He finally got there and sees Paris and they get into it. He didn’t know that Juliet and him were getting married, even though Juliet didn’t want to marry
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