Romeo And Juliet Literature Analysis

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The story of Romeo and Juliet is a romantic-tragedy literary piece written by William Shakespeare. Summarily, the story behind Romeo and Juliet is about conflicts between two rival families and facing challenges that forbid their love to one another. In the stage play itself, I may say that the entire plot and setting is based from the modernized life style and culture that we have nowadays in our society. It reflects to us Filipinos in such away it influences us to accept things in a new perspective ways like our gestures, mannerism, beliefs, opinions, faith, and many more. One thing that I noticed most in the play that really reflects our cultural setting nowadays, is being liberated and open minded in different aspects in life. The newly-named characters R and J show recent symbolism of what Filipinos are now today. This includes the language, gestures, and life style we have. Perfect example of liberation would be our beliefs. Before in the traditional one, we are strictly compliant in the churches’ teachings. What we think not acceptable may be a sin and against to others. But today, we are open minded enough to those individuals who have contrasting beliefs and opinions, we learn to accept and respect different gender preferences and people from various cultures. This is how liberated and open-minded, we, Filipinos at recent times today, it’s completely different the traditional ones. In the story of #R</3J, there are various representation that shows
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