Romeo And Juliet Love Analysis

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Love! By just, instantaneously, uttering it, many thoughts come to the mind from happy, sad, unearthly feelings and emotions; as the proverb says: “It is love that makes the impossible possible”, and, in many philosophies of the world that only in love “1+1 may not necessarily be equal to two [and love makes your feelings and thoughts] … set… on fire” (Alsanea 2),mentioned in every land, culture, civilization…etc.; Also, this wonderful equation of love is expressed in Romeo and Juliet when Friar Lawrence stated, “ Till Holy church incorporate two in one” ( II. V. 37).What is more, many poets, males and females, say poetry on account of elaborating their inner feelings towards something or someone. Through all periods of time, each culture has its own love mixed with its people identity as well as blended with many special “flavors” and an intuition that stabilizes in their hearts; love is the language of soul, unlike distaste…show more content…
Love in these two great novels have different ways in its forms in addition to manyvicissitudes of many occasions which were resulting from it. This novel, Girls of Riyadh, which sculpting some of traditions, rehashing some tribal ordinances and shaping them in city of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia, made many hot debates, thusly it was suppressed and blackballed,in the society, especially in Riyadh city, which later on- the novel- was heavily, largely, and strongly fulminated against by many Saudi writers in different newspapers as well as magazines.On one hand, the novel’s main concern and theme is of love in addition to its explanation and giving many experience of those who drank from “sea of lovers”; it tells a story of four open girls, Gamrah, Sadeem, Lamees, and Michelle, who tried to find a true “love” that is defined fantastically in Romeo and Juliet as “ a smoke made with the fumes of sighs” (I. I.
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