Romeo And Juliet Love And Hate Theme Essay

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There are a multitude of themes that can be identified in William Shakespeare’s iconic play , although one that trumps them all is two powerful emotions; love & hate. The story of Romeo & Juliet begins with Romeo, who has travelled to a party hoping to see his crush Rosaline but instead, he meets the girl Juliet and falls in love with her immediately. She loves him in turn, but when they realise that they are born from two families who hate each other, they decide to be private and marry in secret. Then, Juliet’s cousin Tybalt kills a friend of Romeo’s, which provokes Romeo to kill Tybalt, therefore banishing Romeo from the city. Juliet weeps for days, telling her parents she is weeping for Tybalt. Wanting to end her grief, her parents arrange for her to be married to the county Paris, but she vehemently rejects it & is threatened to be ejected from the family if she does not comply. Desperate to escape the forced marriage, she goes to Fr. Lawrence, who devises…show more content…
In this case, both love & hate are shown. After hearing that Romeo has slain Tybalt & will be banished, Juliet cries for a long while about Romeo’s banishment, telling her parents it is due to Tybalt’s death. Her parents, feeling they need to do something to stop her endless weeping, set up a second marriage for her (not knowing about the first one) to the county Paris. When Lord Capulet tells her of this, instead of having his expected reaction, she refuses. Her father becomes enraged with her & begins to hate her actions, and tells her she will not be a part of the Capulet family anymore unless she accepts. He also follows with a string of insults: “Out, you green sickness, carrion! Out, you/ baggage!/ You tallow face!” (III, v, 156-158). In resolve, because Lord Capulet loved Juliet & wanted to make her happy, and Juliet loved Romeo & stayed loyal to him, conflict between Lord Capulet & Juliet arose due to
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