Romeo And Juliet Love Story Analysis

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The play Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare, is viewed as a tragedy which it was intended to be exactly that but also a love story. With this said, this play is a tragedy but definitely not a love story. Romeo and Juliet simply did not love one another for they had only known each other for less than a week, it is impossible for love to form in this short of time. Though, in this play Romeo and Juliet would swear up and down that their love for one another was so pure and true, that they were the ones for each other. There was no love in this relationship, but rather idiocy and lust and maybe even the want for love, but no actual love. All throughout the play Romeo claims he was in love with someone first Rosaline and then all of a sudden Juliet, if Romeo was to truly love either of these ladies he would not have been able to switch between them so quickly, who’s to say Juliet wasn’t just a rebound? Friar Lawrence said “ Young men feel with their eyes, not their hearts” and while this may not…show more content…
A website called Bluelight allows people to ask and answer questions, there is a user on this website that asked “How long, on average, does it take to fall in love? I know the answers will vary, but I'd like to get an estimate. Thinking back to your best relationship, or your past relationships as a whole, how long into the relationship did it take you to really fall in love?” If you scroll through the responses you will find many users said it takes them around 2-3 months or even more in some cases so if this is the average time it takes to fall in love, how could Romeo and Juliet had fallen in love in less than 24 hours? They were not in
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