Romeo And Juliet Man Vs Man Conflict Analysis

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"And but one word with one of us? Couple it with something. Make it a word and a blow" (3.1. 42-43). In Act 3 of Romeo and Juliet Mercutio is discussing with Benvolio about dueling Tybalt for Romeo. Since, Tybalt is the best at dueling, Romeo has no chance to go up against Tybalt. Mercutio believes that he can win against Tybalt, making him look like he is arrogant. Although, Tybalt does not want to quarrel with Mercutio, but instead with Romeo, he does anyway. Mercutio makes it seem has if it is a joke, and they are not really fighting. On the contrary, Tybalt is furious that Mercutio keeps bothering him, and since Romeo does not want to quarrrel, he has no other choice. In Act 3 scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare uses man vs. man conflict…show more content…
man conflict to characterize Mercutios violence, Shakespeare use of playful tone characterizes Mercutio as very childlike. In the conversation between Benvolio and Mercutio, Benvolio states that there are people watching and they should go quarrel somewhere private, leave, or reason things out. Mercutio responds to Benvolio by saying " Men's eyes were made to look and let them gaze. I will not budge for no man's pleasure, I" (3.1.57-58). Shakespeare gives Mercutio a childlike characterization, making him appear like he is stubborn and does not care if he gets in trouble or not. Although, the consequences might be death, since they were threatened by Prince in the previous scene if they started another brawl.

Shakespeare characterizes Mercutio as very childlike and violent through the use of tone and conflict, in Act 3 Scene 1 of Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeare makes Mercutio seem like free spirited person, not knowing what to expect out of him next. With this in mind, the way Mercutio expresses himself tells it all. For example, when Mercutio explains how Benvolio has two sides to him, as well, he over exaggerates like a child would do to a parent. In some ways, much of the audience are like Mercutio, all individuals have their own facets to their personalities, much of which could be
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