Romeo And Juliet Marriage Quote Analysis

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“I’ll look to like, if looking liking move” (21). The conversation was about the arranged marriage in which Juliet don’t even know whom she is going to marry. Shakespeare demonstrates Juliet’s innocence through dialogue, metaphor and imagery.
Juliet’s innocence is proven through the use of dialogue that showcasing her immaturity and obedience. The Nurse believes that Juliet is not fully grown to be married as she said “She’s not fourteen” (18). Her age has proven that she’s not mature enough to become a wife and indeed that she won’t be able to act or talk like an adult. And because at such young age, 13, it’s obvious to the maid of house Capulet to act innocent, especially in her response during the conversation about her marriage. Juliet replied to her mom obediently “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move” (Shakespeare 21) about the man that she’s going to marry without hesitation. She don’t even considered whether that man would be a good selection or not. Normally, as a child, Juliet makes the decision without much thinking, as she assumed that whatever choice her mom made would be great. Juliet’s immaturity and obedience that
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While Lady Capulet calls for Juliet to talk about her planned marriage, the Nurse felt pity for her, “What, lamb”(18)The lamb that the Nurse referred to represents the purity of Juliet, not an animal. This creature was known as the symbol of pureness and harmlessness, so as Juliet. The lamb fur is white as snow, as pure and angelic as Juliet’s personality. Later in the speech, the Nurse also compares Juliet to another gentle creature, “What, Ladybird” (18). The ladybird in scientific aspect is an animal in which always work under the sun, it’s a part of their lifestyle. Similarly, the Nurse tries to point out that Juliet always does every things “under the light” and never intend to do something bad or tragic behind people’s back. Metaphor has certified Juliet’s purity
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