Romeo And Juliet Mental Illness Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet, is a catastrophe composed by William Shakespeare from the get-go in his profession around two youthful star-crossed lovers whose passions eventually accommodate their quarreling families. Romeo and Juliet, like Sleeping Beauty in the Woods are a prime examples of secrecy, love gone wrong and the possibility of them having a mental illness. Due to biological processes pertaining to love, it may be referred to as a mental illness, based off of how the brain of opposing sexes react to this emotion, because of love, society takes different outlooks on life. If one has a bit of background information on this topic, he or she can make up his or her own mind on the issue. The problem with romance these days is that it doesn't always deliver the goods. For all the joy it promises, it can also play us for fools, particularly when it convinces us that we've found the right person, only to upend our expectations later (Kluger 2008). In this…show more content…
Parents and society hold a so to speak “positive” connotation of princes in fairy tales, it influences the female sex to hold high expectations when looking for her “Prince Charming”. Princess Aurora has not been yet introduced to the idea of a “Prince Charming”, so when she wakes up from her century long sleep she is not only confused but a bit astonished.A study found most men reckon they know whether or not it's 'the real thing' after just one date. Nearly 25% of men said they believed in 'love at first sight' and knew whether a girl was 'the one' within seconds (Bloxham 2011). For example “[...], the most beautiful that has ever been seen.[...] then to be awakened by a king’s son, for whose coming she waits. “This story fired the young prince{Prince Phillip}.He jumped immediately to the conclusion that it was for him to see so gay an adventure through, and impelled alike by the wish for love, and glory,” (Perrault
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