Romeo And Juliet Mentorship Analysis

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Mentorship That Changes Juliet's Fate in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet
Some good mentorship, and some bad mentorship takes place in Romeo and Juliet. Juliet will take the wrong path and bad advice given to her, she doesn't know that yet. Picture someone you grow up knowing, perhaps a good friend, a mentor ,or a close family member. You always seen them as a good influence, or an astonishing mentor towards you, now think about that very special person influences you to make bad choices. Your mentor continuously leads you down the wrong path but you don't even realize it because you always knew that his or her guidance would help you, not hurt you. Her guidance and help eventually leads to what we know, as a tragedy. When the nurse secretly begins to deliver secret messages between Romeo and Juliet, it is the start of her bad mentorship. Following that, the nurse will agree to allow thirteen year old Juliet to be wedded. Later on after secretly marrying Romeo without her
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This intense, beautiful story about star crossed lovers began at a breathtaking masquerade ball. Both children Romeo and Juliet are from enemy families, it is destined to that they will not be together. They will change what is written in the stars ,but it ends awfully. Romeo and Juliet had deeply fallen in love at the masquerade, and have been seeing each other secretly since. Juliet's nurse knows exactly what goes on ,and continues to deliver messages between the two. “Good Heart, and faith I will tell her as much/ Lord, Lord, she will be a joyful woman” (II.4.163-164). What the nurse means by that is she has a message from Romeo to give to Juliet ,and she knows Juliet will be excited to receive it. Juliet's nurse is agreeing with their young forsaken love, this is the nurse's first mistake. Keeping a secret from the enemy families is a lot of weight on her
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