Romeo And Juliet Mistakes Analysis

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It is highly likely that somebody in a hurry will make a mistake. In the play, Romeo and Juliet, by Shakespeare, that is certainly true throughout the story. Friar Lawrence, who is a holy man in the play, says that “they stumble that run fast(Act 2 Scene 3 line 94).” In all aspects of the story this appears true. Very often the characters make fatal mistakes by rushing through a situation. Had these characters slowed down, there would probably have been a very different story. The first time somebody made a mistake from being in a rush was when Romeo fell in love with Juliet. Romeo and Juliet were from two rival families, the Capulets and the Montagues. These families have a complete hatred towards each other, and have little interaction other…show more content…
In order to try to see Romeo again, and avoid marrying County Paris, a match that her parents set up because they didn’t know about Romeo, Juliet decided to fake her death. She figured that if everybody thought she was dead, then she would be taken to a tomb, and Romeo could meet her there. Romeo was not notified of Juliet faking her death, so when he saw Juliet lying dead at her grave, he was extremely upset. Romeo said that “ I still will stay with thee, And never from this palace of dim night Depart again(Act 5 Scene 3 lines 115-117).” Romeo killed himself, because he was in too much of a rush to wait for Juliet to wake up. Had he actually stayed with Juliet, he would have seen that she was still alive. As Juliet did wake up, she saw Romeo dead and killed herself too. Romeo’s rush to kill himself, not only caused him to lose his own life, but also Juliet’s. Had he slowed down, they may have been able to have a happy marriage. There were many times throughout the play in which somebody rushed, which caused them to stumble. The advice given by Friar Lawrence that “they stumble that run fast” could have been extremely helpful. Had Romeo and Juliet listened to his advice, neither of them would have committed suicide. This advice is advice that could still be helpful today. We must learn from this story, that we must slow down, in order to avoid our own
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