Romeo And Juliet Moderation Analysis

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In Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare the author shows the theme that without moderation there are negative consequences through three situations. The three situations that convey the theme are the first brawl, the second brawl, and Romeo threatening suicide.

William Shakespeare shows the theme that without moderation there are negative consequences in the first brawl. The first brawl takes place in Verona square between the servants of both houses, as a dispute turned into a quarrel. When the Capulet servant talks about “biting his thumb” this conveys the theme as the servants started taking things to far when it came to the insults which ended up in the brawl. Showing that without moderation there are negative consequences. If the servants
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In Friar Laurence’s cell Romeo and the friar discuss their next steps after Romeo just finished slaying Tybalt and will be be banished from the walls of Verona. Romeo displays the theme through his cries, threatening suicide as he will never see his beloved Juliet. This scene correlates to the theme as Romeo is the reason he is being banished. And how if Romeo headed the Prince’s warning he would not have been in the situation. Without moderation negative consequences will happen as shown ever so prominently with two men dead and one banished. Romeo crying about suicide is ironic how if Romeo thought about his actions and the repercussions he wouldn’t have had to say goodbye to Juliet and be in the situation where he contemplates suicide. If Romeo had thought about the consequences that were to come with his actions he could have easily avoided a situation where he is tempted to end his own life. In addition, Romeo saying that he would rather die then not be with Juliet in the cell is an example of how without moderation there is negative consequences as Romeo will never see the women that he had waited his entire life for and the woman who truly is the one. The situation shows the theme as Romeo is in the situation where because of his rash actions, he will be banished from his home city, he will never see his family again, he will be seen as a murderer by everyone who cares for
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