Romeo And Juliet Modern Life Essay

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Modern life and Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet don’t tend to correlate. However, in the play Friar Lawrence warns Romeo “Wisely and slow; they stumble that run fast”. In both the play and in modern life, there are people who are eager for instant gratification. This leads to the assumption that most people tend to move too quickly and rush into things. Acting on impulse in real life can lead to multiple issues and can create more problems than solving them, this is shown prominently throughout the play Romeo and Juliet in many instances, not to mention that the entirety of its plot is set within a week. Therefore, moving too quickly in modern life and in Romeo and Juliet can have negative effects. The play Romeo and Juliet is a posterboard…show more content…
Although not all outcomes are as drastic as the outcome of Romeo and Juliet, the play does tend to show some resemblance to normal life. A great example of similarities would be that in both modern life and in Romeo and Juliet, people will often tend to rush into relationships. Whether it’s as far fetched as marrying someone within twenty four hours of meeting them or if it’s as typical as deciding to move in with a partner at an early stage of the relationship, both instances can cause underlying and often unseen issues. Another great example of why acting fast in both the play and in reality can be bad is that sometimes waiting for something to emerge from a negative situation and to solve it with a clear mind is often a better route than to move too quickly and solve the problem irrationally. For example, if Romeo and Juliet had thought out their plan to get married, regardless of the long lasting conflict between their families, then they might have evaded the extreme consequences of their hasty decisions. The similarities between Romeo and Juliet and modern society aren’t as far off as it seems, which continues to prove that acting impulsively negatively affects people in modern
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