Romeo And Juliet Comparison

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Comparison of Romeo and Juliet’s modern movie with William Shakespeare’s text The film is a creative self expression to express the life experiences. The inspirations to come up with the movie are painting, poetry and life experiences. The film and a book rely on different techniques in order to evoke ones emotions to express the same story. In film there won’t be any mystery for everything is clearly displayed. In a literature everything need visualization in our mind and built up our own characters. There is no characters as such in literature but author is considered star to his writing. In film the audience depends on voices, characters and music. Audiences are provided with modern hip-pop, sound effect of electric…show more content…
Juliet appears in an angel costumes which symbolize her purity and virginity. Romeo comes in Knight Costumes a symbol of truthfulness. Romeo and Juliet see each other for the first time when they both were admiring the aquarium and fall in love before they realize who they are. In the text, Romeo with his friends joins the ball held at Capulets house with masks on their face. Romeo finds Juliet dancing and falls in love with her at the first sight. The balcony sceneis another difference and most romantic scene like in the text Romeo finds Juliet in the balcony after the party. In the film, Juliet just wonders at the pool below the balcony expressing her love Romeo where he stands right behind frightening her and they fall into the pool creating the romantic scene. In the film some characters have lesser roles than in the text. Mercutio death comes with stormy weather on-screen after being wounded by Tybalt with a broken glass. The stormy weather gives sad notes on the tragic death of Mercutio and evokes audience emotions. At the death of Mercutio, Remeo drives car to Chase Tybalt and shot him down. (Tori E.Godfree,
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