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This Saturday, a fight was seen all over the main marketplace of our fair Verona. Eyewitness reports state that a group of Capulet and Montague servants had spotted each other at the main marketplace, and the Capulet servants, drawing their swords, engaged in a battle with the Montague servants. Benvolio and Tybalt were both present during the time of this fight. A nearby merchant was watching the whole thing unfold and when asked about the two men, stated that he had seen heard Benvolio state to Tybalt, “I do but keep the peace. Put up thy sword, / Or manage it to part these men with me” (I.i. 69-70). Tybalt’s response was, “What, drawn and talk of peace? I hate the word / As I hate hell, all Montagues, and thee / Have at thee, coward!” (I.i. 71-73). The battle continued on until the prince arrived. Upon arrival, he had publicly given both the Montagues and the Capulets a death sentence if they were ever to fight in Verona again. In an interview with Montague, he explicitly stated that…show more content…
A couple of eyewitnesses reported hearing various insults including Tybalt’s heinous greeting; “Thou art a villain” (III.i. 62). Fighting between Mercutio and Tybalt were reported soon after, leaving Mercutio with fatal wounds to die within the next few moments. Romeo, enacting the law, killed Tybalt for killing his dear friend Mercutio, and then fled the scene. When The Prince, the Capuletss, and the Montagues had arrived to the scene, they found the dead bodies of Mercutio and Tybalt. Lady Capulet insisted that The Prince should order Romeo for Tybalt’s death. She also insisted that the Montagues had employed 20 men upon Tybalt, though eyewitness reports show that both sides were almost even. The Prince’s final decision was to exile Romeo from Verona for although the law was that those who kill should be killed, it was not Romeo’s place to kill

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