Romeo And Juliet Nurse Analysis

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Romeo and Juliet is a heart wrenching tragedy by William Shakespeare. Love, anger, heartbreak, and sadness are all emotions displayed within this play. Juliet, a young woman, experiences love for the first time, but her love for this young man, Romeo, is not appropriate. Romeo falls in love with her too; however, they are not star crossed lovers and are born to two rival families in Verona, the Capulets and the Montagues. Romeo is a Montague and comes from a very loving family who cares for him and is close to him. Juliet on the other hand, still comes from a loving family; however, her mother is uncomfortable talking to her and is not close to her Juliet’s Nurse is more of a motherly figure to her than her own mother. The Nurse, Juliet’s servant, acts as a motherly figure in Juliet’s life; she is caring, and supportive towards Juliet, even when she finds out about Juliet’s love for Romeo and his love for her. Romeo and Juliet meet at a masquerade ball held by Juliet’s father, that Romeo should…show more content…
She has to take on the role of a mother for Juliet, and help make important decisions in Juliet’s life. Throughout the play, it becomes more and more evident that the Nurse has taken on the role of a mother because Juliet does not talk to anyone but the Nurse about the most important decisions in her life such as marrying Romeo and Paris. The Nurse tolerates Romeo and Juliet’s relationship despite them being from rivaling families because she loves Juliet like a daughter and wants her to be happy. She encourages Juliet to marry Paris because she thinks it is in Juliet’s best interest and despite her efforts she is unable to understand Juliet’s feelings for Romeo. The Nurse is the only one who knows what is going on in Juliet’s life during much of the play. Furthermore, the Nurse takes on the motherly role in Juliet’s life on multiple occasions, specifically when it comes to supporting to
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